5 Tools for Fast Data

Quick Raman Imaging

Raman imaging is a powerful technique that provides spatial and chemical information, sample surfaces in the order of micrometers or millimeters can be measured and imaged in few minutes. This technology increases the data acquisition speed by up to 50 times compared with a conventional mapping stage and also offers a significant improvement in sensitivity.

Speed and sensitivity of Raman imaging are achieved with:

  • A high-speed XYZ automated stage with 0.1 μm
  • A high sensitivity electron multiplied CCD (EMCCD) in place of the conventional CCD

Surface Scan Imaging (SSI)

To make extremely fast measurement in a short time JASCO has developed Surface Scan Imaging (SSI). SSI is used to assess the surface shape of the sample as height information of the stage prior to measurement and Raman measurement is made while adjusting the stage Z axis according to this surface shape information. Using SSI, a sample with a very uneven surface can now be measured to give good Raman spectra with good S/N at all data points.

High-Throughput Screening System

JASCO has developed a dedicated software and unique sample holder for an automated high-throughput screening system. Liquid, powder and tablet samples can be analyzed. Samples can be set in a multi-well holder, then micro Raman or transmission Raman can be selected based on the sample and application. Analysis can be displayed on real time during measurement.

IQ RamanNav

This a suite of features to ease Raman measurements, Focus NAV enables fast focusing at low magnification, View Nav automatically optimizes setups of the observation camera on different objectives lenses, automatically adjusting, Search Nav this function automatically recognizes minute objects through image recognition in real time and registers the measurement position.

Advanced SearchNAV

Advanced search is an expanded function of [IQ RamanNAV]. Samples are detected and automatically set as measurement points, samples can be classified based on size, area, circularity and contrast. A library search allows the identification of components while they are measured.

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