5 Tools for Precision Raman Spectroscopy

Dual Spatial Filtration (DSF)

The standard dual spatial filtration (DSF) optical system in the NRS-5000/7000 spectrometers have a dual aperture system for confocal optics. This DSF system can eliminate any stray light that was not removed at the first aperture. The DSF method can improve the Z resolution and at the same time the spatial resolution at the XY plane.

Rotary Encoder:

A rotary encoder is a sensor that precisely detects angular position by converting the rotation displacement of the axis to a digital signal, measuring rotational displacement from a slit pattern on the rotary disk. The rotary encoder used in the NRS series monitors at a higher resolution than the wavenumber is moving for a greater accuracy.

Neon Lamp:

NRS systems can measure the Neon lamp spectrum for calibration purposes. The correction is performed after the measurement made. This lamp is a built-in device that allows to perform calibration without opening the sample chamber.

Laser Spot Visualization:

Even if the angle of the notch/edge filter changes the optical axis is not out of alignment because the laser uses a different optical path. This position of the filter and beam splitter allows the observation of laser spot and sample.

IQ Frame:

It is an accessory that shares the same coordinates between an FTIR and a Raman microscope. IQ frame consists of a sample holder and a dedicated program, which enables automated sample position search by matching images. This is an effective tool for evaluating complex-materials, that includes organic and inorganic compounds.

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