Cannabis Potency Analysis and Cannabinoid Profiling

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A pre-developed HPLC method offers automated cannabis potency determination in less than 5 minutes

Potency testing is becoming routine for cannabis and hemp companies, and they rely on it for business decisions and financial security. As with many things in the cannabis and hemp industries, some analytical services companies repurposed off the shelf technology for quick monetary gains with little thought to how the products would actually be used; for potency testing, simple C18 HPLC columns were pushed out into the marketplace with hasty application notes demonstrating efficacy. However, in practice, its not that simple. A C18 phase needs to be able to resolve the various cannabinoids and that can mean using mobile phase additives such as formic acid and ammonium formate to determine the important components . These additives are critical to the separation, identification, and quantitation that companies need, but subtle changes in the amounts of these additives, either from technician error or the evaporation of solvents, can lead to erroneous results. In this poster we demonstrate a simple and elegant analytical method for potency testing that does not require mobile phase additives. This saves time and money, reduces error and allows extraction and manufacturing companies to change to reliable in-house testing rather than waiting for contracted out results. The secondary goal is to show that this method can be transferred to preparative scale without modification. For a company using prep LC or flash chromatography, the incorporation of this stationary phase will simplify selective purification or THC remediation.

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  • HPLC and UHPLC

    The LC-4000 Series HPLC has key separation platforms at 50MPa for conventional HPLC (3, 5 and 10 μm columns), at 70MPa for RHPLC (intermediate columns such as 2 to 3 μm and ‘Coreshell’) and at 130MP for UHPLC (sub 2μm).

  • Hybrid SFC

    The SF-4000 Hybrid  SFC system are a versatile solution providing analytical analysis and preparative purification in a combined system.

  • Preparative SFC

    The 4000 Series preparative SFC systems are a versatile solution for a wide range of sample isolation and purification.

  • Preparative HPLC

    Large column oven for multiple preparative columns and optional automatic column switching

    Open-bed fraction collector with sample trays for tubes, plates or large containers

    ChromNAV-FC for fraction control using time, threshold or slope from up to 4 different signals