Circular Dichroism

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This two-day course is designed for all levels of experience with protein chemistry. From the newly appointed laboratory assistant to the seasoned investigator, all attendees will find this seminar a valuable learning experience.

An Introduction to CD Spectroscopy:

  • Theory, design and application of the J-Series CD Spectrometer
  • Optimizing instrument parameters
  • Introduction to data acquisition
  • Options and accessories

Maintenance and Servicing:

  • Instrument design and layout
  • Standard maintenance procedures
  • Description of optical system

Applications for CD:

  • Introduction to Spectra Manager™
  • Thermal and chemical denaturation
  • Starting CD measurements and capturing raw data
  • Secondary structure analysis
  • Vibrational Circular Dichroism J-Series (VCD)

Application training is for JASCO instrument owners/users only.