Fluorescence Microplate Reader & Autosampler

for FP-8000 Series

Fluorescence Microplate Reader

Fluorescence Microplate Reader
FMP-825 Microplate Reader with FP-8300

The FMP-825 fluorescence microplate reader can be used with the FP-8300 or FP-8500. Four standard measurements are available including Spectra Measurement, Quantitative Analysis, Time Course, and Fixed Wavelength. Quantitative Analysis can be used to create a calibration curve, as well as measure unknown samples in a single microplate while the Time Course Measurement software can be used to measure parallel kinetics for multiple samples.


Compatible plates96 and 384 well microplate (SBS standard)
Measurement time1 min/ per plate (96 wells fixed wavelength under specified conditions)
Minimum sample requirement80uL per well (96 well plate)
Photometric Reproducibility+/- 3%
Optional AccessoriesConstant temperature plate holder
Temperature ControlHeating system
Temperature Control RangeRT + 10 to 50 deg C


ASU-800 Autosampler Unit


The autosampler system obtains automated measurement by combining an autosampler, syringe pump or sipper, and flow cell unit. Up to 192 liquid samples can be measured on all FP-8000 models and there are various rack options that can be used with either test tubes and/or vials. The system allows for automated scanning measurements at predetermined parameters using a flow cell. The PC control Spectra Manager™ software is included as standard.

Optional Racks
Rack TypeCompatible Test tube and VialsMax. Number of Samples
SRA-811 15 mm OD test tube15 mm OD x 105 mm L 10 mL 100 pcs/set100
SRA-812 13 mm OD test tube13 mm OD x 100 mm L 7 mL 100 pcs/set100
SRA-813 12 mm OD test tube12 mm OD x 105 mm L 5 mL 100 pcs/set150
SRA-814 10 mm OD test tube10 mm OD x 90 mm L 3 mL 100 pcs/set150
SRA-818 VialScrew cap vial 2mL 500 pcs/set120
SRA-816 Microplate96 well microplate, 250uL192
SRA-817 Constant temperature microplate96 well amplification, plate 250uL192


Sample Loading and Washing Options



ASP-849 | Syringe Pump
Automatically transfers small sample aliquots to autosampler tray. The ASP-849 can be used with syringe volumes of 1.0. 2.5, 5.0, and 10.0 mL and has a reproducible volume delivery within ±1%.

QFS-821/QSF-822 | Vacuum Sipper

QFS-821/QSF-822 | Vacuum Sipper
Samples are automatically aspirated, transferred directly from the sample vessel into instrument, measured, and drained. More viscous samples can be easily transferred and up to 450 samples can be measured per hour.

SHP-819/SHP-820 | Peristaltic Sipper

SHP-819/SHP-820 | Peristaltic Sipper
Samples are automatically aspirated, transferred directly from the sample vessel into instrument, measured, and drained. Sample can be recollected and up to 360 samples can be measured per hour.

AWU-820 Washing Unit

AWU-820 | Washing Unit
Optional washing unit for use with QFS-821/822 and SHP-819/820.