Homogeneous production and characterization of recombinant N-GlcNAc-protein in Pichia pastoris

March 24, 2020


Homogeneous production and characterization of recombinant N-GlcNAc-protein in Pichia pastoris


Shengjun Wang, Yongheng Rong, Yaoguang Wang, Decai Kong, Peng George Wang, Min Chen, Yun Kong




Microbial Cell Factories


Therapeutic glycoproteins have occupied an extremely important position in the market of biopharmaceuticals. N-Glycosylation of protein drugs facilitates them to maintain optimal conformations and affect their structural stabilities, serum half-lives and biological efficiencies. Thus homogeneous N-glycoproteins with defined N-glycans are essential in their application in clinic therapeutics. However, there still remain several obstacles to acquire homogeneous N-glycans, such as the high production costs induced by the universal utilization of mammalian cell expression systems, the non-humanized N-glycan structures and the N-glycosylation microheterogeneities between batches.In this study, we constructed a Pichia pastoris (Komagataella phaffii) expression system producing truncated N-GlcNAc-modified recombinant proteins through introducing an ENGase isoform (Endo-T) which possesses powerful hydrolytic activities towards high-mannose type N-glycans. The results showed that the location of Endo-T in different subcellular fractions, such as Endoplasmic reticulum (ER), Golgi or cell membrane, affected their hydrolytic efficiencies. When the Endo-T was expressed in Golgi, the secreted IgG1-Fc region was efficiently produced with almost completely truncated N-glycans and the N-GlcNAc modification on the glycosite Asn297 was confirmed via Mass Spectrometry. This strategy develops a simple glycoengineered yeast expression system to produce N-GlcNAc modified proteins, which could be further extended to different N-glycan structures. This system would provide a prospective platform for mass production of increasing novel glycoprotein drugs.




Circular dichroism, Secondary structure, Biochemistry