Light-Controlled Formation of Vesicles and Supramolecular Organogels by a Cholesterol-Bearing Amphiphilic Molecular Switch

2014 / Chemistry A European Journal

A new responsive material composed of an amphiphilic light-switchable dithienylethene unit functionalized with a hydrophobic cholesterol unit and a hydrophilic …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD

Synthesis and fluorescence study of a pyrene-functionalized poly(4-vinylpyridine) quaternary ammonium for detection of DNA hybridization

2013 / Polymer

A simple water-soluble pyrene-functionalized cationic polyelectrolyte poly(4- vinylpyridine) quaternary ammonium (P4VP-Py-Bu) was designed and synthesized from poly(4-vinylpyridine) by two-step quaternization …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD

Interfacial assembly of a series of Cu(II)-coordinated Schiff bases complexes: orderly nanostructures and supramolecular chirality

2013 / Science China Technological Sciences

Four achiral Cu(II)-coordinated Schiff bases complexes containing aromatic structures were synthesized and their supramolecular assemblies at the air/water interface were …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD