Structural, electrical, and magnetic properties of nano Sr1−XLaXFe12O19 (X = 0.2–0.8)

August 16, 2022


Structural, electrical, and magnetic properties of nano Sr1−XLaXFe12O19 (X = 0.2–0.8)


D. Baba Basha, N. Suresh Kumar, K. Chandra Babu Naidu & G. Ranjith Kumar




Scientific Reports


The current work is mainly devoted to the synthesis, structural, electrical, and magnetic characterization of Sr1−XLaXFe12O19 (X = 0.2–0.8) (SLFO) nanoparticles synthesized via the hydrothermal technique. The hexagonal peaks were determined using X-ray diffraction analysis. The obtained results indicated that the lattice constants were noted to be increasing from 0.58801 to 0.58825 nm (a = b), and 2.30309 to 2.30341 nm (c) with increase of in ‘X’. The morphological studies ensured that the grains as well as nanoparticles of SLFO acquired almost spherical shape. The optical properties were investigated using FTIR and UV–Visible spectra. The optical bandgap (Eg) of SLFO was found to be increasing from 1.866 to 2.118 eV with increase of dopant content. The electrical properties of SLFO were studied in detail as a function of temperature, and frequency. In addition, the dielectric modulus, and impedance spectroscopy analysis was carried out to describe the space charge polarization, and electric conduction mechanism, respectively. The hysteresis loop (M–H curves) of SLFO revealed the decrease of magnetization from 36.34 to 7.17 emu/g with increase in ‘X’.




nanoparticles, lattice constants, SLFO