Dissolution Specifications

Dissolution Tester Specifications
Number of Vessels8 vessels, 1000 mL each
SpindlesTest Method: Paddle method (Standard)

Rotation speed of spindle 5 to 300 rpm

Accuracy of rotation speed of spindle: ± 1 %
Thermostatted BathCircular bath design with rotating function

Stirring: Magnetic stirrer

Temperature control: circular heating element

Temperature range: 32-45°C (25°C room temperature)

Temperature accuracy: ± 0.1°C (32-45°C)

Temperature stability: ± 0.05°C (32-45°C)

Temperature accuracy (dissolution vessels): ± 0.1°C (32-45°C)

Safety: Overheating protection using float switch, limit controller, temperature sensor

Drain port for quick and simple cleaning
Sample PortsAutomated lifting and lowering by stepping motor

User declared automatic sampling

Sampling position: automated by method parameters and solution volume
Table DroppingAutomatic (tablets, capsules, test sinker)
Vessel CenteringDirect-Center™automated mechanism
Temperature Sensor PositionVessel water bath, dissolution vessels (optional)
Power Requirements100,115, 200, 220, 230, 240 V; 50/60 Hz; 1100 VA (including LH-PV)
Dimensions565(W) x 720(D) x 670(H) mm
WeightApprox. 90 Kg (main unit including vessels and paddles; without water)
Software Specifications
FunctionsSystem control and monitoring, data collection, data analysis
Monitoring ItemsDT-810: bath temperature, drive shaft rotation speed, sample flow, dissolution vessel temperature (optional)

Liquid handling unit: Autosampler position

Fraction collector: Current sample status

V-530: Absorbance value of specified cells
Liquid Handling Unit Specifications
Number of Sample Lines8
Solvent Supply Procedure8-line peristaltic pump
TubingPharMed&orig; tubing
Rollerstepping motor, normal and reverse flow
Sampling Accuracy3% (when sampling 20 mL)
Switching Valve2 valves3 valves
Dimensions160 (W) X 352 (D) X 311(H) mm160 (W) X 352 (D) X 395 (H) mm
Weight12 Kg13 Kg
Fraction Collector Specifications
Sampling Procedure8-nozzle filling mechanism
Sampling SystemFreely moving X, Y, Z axis positioning
Fraction Collection96 positions (20 mL test tubes)
Maximum Sampling Volume20 mL
Minimum Sampling IntervalSequence: 4 minutes (parameter dependent)

Sampling: 1 minute for first sample, 2 minutes minimum thereafter (parameter dependent)
Contaminant Free EnclosureSupplies as standard
Power Requirements100,115, 200, 220, 230, 240 V; 50/60 Hz; 50 VA
Dimensions300 (W) X 496 (D) X 415 (H) mm
Weight23 Kg (main unit and sample rack)
8-Position Flow Cell Specifications
Cell (Option)8: 10 mm path length flow cells

5, 2 and 1 mm path length flow cells (optional)
Reference Positionsingle cell holder (100 mm cuvette)