FP-8700 NIR Spectrofluorometer

With a liquid nitrogen cooled PMT detector for applications that require high sensitivity measurements into the near infrared (1700 nm).

FP-8700 NIR Spectrofluorometer

FP-8700 NIR Spectrofluorometer
FP-8700 NIR Spectrofluorometer

The FP-8700 NIR spectrofluorometer is a wide range version of the FP-8600 and includes a choice of two different liquid N2 cooled PMT detectors for greatly enhanced sensitivity in the NIR region to 1400 nm (1700 nm as an option). The FP-8700 is typically used for up-conversion experiments that require on a laser double-photon excitation of an electron. This expanding field is useful for research into some new applications biological dyes and carbon structural analysis. The instrument can be calibrated for quantum efficiency/yield measurements using the calibrated light source with a pattern file correction to 1700nm.

  • Liquid N2 cooled PMT
  • Excitation wavelength 200-850 nm
  • Emission wavelength 300-1400 nm (1700 nm as option)
  • Laser excitation for up-conversion measurement (with safety interlock)
  • 3D Spectrum analysis for fluorescence characterization
  • Spectral correction for quantum yield/quantum efficiency measurements
  • Optional Liquid N2 cooled integrating sphere

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