FTIR Spectrometers

Start Button

The Start Button on the instrument allows immediate start of sample measurement with a single push of the button. This is a convenient alternative to keyboard and mouse operation when starting data measurement.

IQ Start

A sequence of operations, including data processing, can be defined in a sequence in the  Spectra Manager measurement application, the sequence can started by the press of the Start button for fast and comprehensive measurement.

IQ Accessory Recognition

Automatic recognition of the sampling accessory is made when it is fitted into the sample compartment. It can also be used to automatically load measurement parameters matched to the accessory; this ensures that data is acquired using the correct parameters.

Rapid Scan

Rapid Scan is optional for the FT/IR-4600, FT/IR-4700, FT/IR-6600, and FT/IR-6700 and a standard feature for the FT/IR-6800. Rapid Scan can be used for fast spectral acquisition using interval analysis.

Step Scan

Several Step Scan options are available for the FT/IR-6000 Series.  These include microsecond and nanosecond TRS, phase modulation and amplitude modulation.

Spectral Search

The Sadtler search software package, “KnowItAll® Informatics System, JASCO Edition” with a library of 12,000 chemical and polymer spectra is standard (except LE versions) and with 3 month access to HaveItAll with 260,000 IR spectra.

Full Vacuum

All FTIR optical benches include multi-zone nitrogen purge as standard. The FT/IR-6000 Series can be fitted with several vacuum options, and can be configured from full vacuum or with vacuum interferometer and detector compartments ,with the sample chamber nitrogen purged.