NFS-210/310 Optical Microspectrometer

The NFS-210/310 Series is a near-field microscopy system incorporating a feedback mechanism for controlling the distance between the near-field probe and sample surface with a telescope for observation of the sample and probe interface.

NFS-210/310 Optical MicrospectrometerLaser excitation sources or detectors are not included but a variety of experimental systems can be built by using the access windows on the front and right side of the unit. In addition, direct access to the end of the optical fiber in the near-field probe allows greater flexibility for basic experiments using the near-field microscope system. The sample stage is controlled with exacting precision such that the probe tip remains at a fixed distance from the sample surface, the control movements providing accurate topographical information for the sample surface.

System Features

  • Integrated near-field microscope with high mechanical stability
  • Sample illumination and detection access from two sides (front and right)
  • Direct access to optical fiber of the near-field probe
  • Topographic mapping of almost any sample; organic, inorganic, metal or biopolymer, etc.
  • For low temperature experiments, the NFS-310 includes a He gas-flow cryostat for cooling to 10K or less
  • A compact footprint for an existing vibration isolation


Spatial ResolutionAperture diameter (or less) of nearfield probe (1000 – 50 nm)
Stage Range20 x 20 microns (room temp.),
5 x 5 microns (low temp.)
Height8 microns (room temp.),
2 microns (low temp.)
Control PCWindows 2000/XP OS
Communication16-bit ADC
Image AcquisitionVideo capture
SoftwareFeedback signal monitor and nearfield mapping measurement software, 3D display software, CCD image display for probe observation, mapping analysis software, spectral analysis software
Sample CoolingGas-flow cryostat (NFS-310)
User Access Port2 ports (Front and Right side)
Main Unit Size340 x 520 x 550 mm (W x D x H)(NFS-210)
340 x 520 x 750 mm (W x D x H)(NFS-310)
Power Supply335 x 450 x 140 mm (W x D x H)
WeightMain unit: 45 kg
Power Supply: 15 kg
Power Requirement100 V AC ± 10%, 250 VA (Excluding PC and laser)