NFS-220/320 Optical Microspectrometer

The NFS-220/320 Series combines the precision of the NFS near-field microscope system with the additional excitation optics to expose samples to near-field light emitted from the tip of the near-field probe.

NFS 220/320

In addition to topographical maps of the sample surface with a spatial resolution beyond a conventional microscope, the precise control of the distance between the probe tip and sample surface provides optimal illumination for optical nanofabrication applications.

System Features

  • Controlled illumination of samples with a spatial resolution of several hundred nm or less using the near-field probe
  • Topographic mapping of almost any sample; organic, inorganic, metal or biopolymer, etc.
  • For low temperature experiments, the NFS-320 includes a He gas-flow cryostat for cooling to 10K or less
  • Parallel beam output port for light condensed by the near-field probe
  • Integrated laser source
  • Optional laser excitation with external laser port
  • The NFS-220T and -320T are bench-top models; the NFS-220V and -320V are supplied with a vibration isolation table


Measurement ModesIllumination-collection, collection, and illumination (transmission)
Built-In Laser532 nm source standard, or optional 632.8 nm excitation
External LaserCapability for two excitation sources (including internal source)
Spatial ResolutionAperture diameter (or less) of nearfield probe (1000 – 50 nm)
Stage Range20 x 20 microns (room temp.),
5 x 5 microns (low temp)
Height8 microns (room temp.), 2 microns (low temp.)
Control PCWindows 2000/XP OS
Communication16-bit ADC
Image AcquisitionVideo capture
SoftwareFeedback signal monitor and near-field mapping measurement software, 3D display software, CCD image display for probe observation, mapping analysis software, spectral analysis software
Sample CoolingGas-flow cryostat (NFS-320)
Main Unit Size 710 x 680 x 550 mm (W x D x H) (NFS-220)
710 x 680 x 750 mm (W x D x H) (NFS-320)
Power Supply335 x 450 x 140 mm (W x D x H)
WeightMain unit: 70 kg, Controller: 15 kg, Vibration isolation table: 280 kg
Power Requirement100 V AC ±10%, 250 VA (Excluding PC and laser)
Other RequirementsNitrogen or air source for vibration isolation table, 0.3 to 0.8 MPa (50-100 psi)