ZnO/metal/ZnO (metal = Ag, Pt, Au) films for energy-saving in windows application

October 3, 2022


ZnO/metal/ZnO (metal = Ag, Pt, Au) films for energy-saving in windows application


Mina Rabizadeh, Mohammad Hossein Ehsani & Mohammad Mahdi Shahidi




Scientific Reports


In this paper, the impact of different metals (Ag, Pt and Au) on the ZnO/metal/ZnO samples, being coated on a Glass substrate via RF/DC magnetron sputtering system, is investigated. The structural, optical, and thermal properties of the as-prepared samples were systematically studied for the purpose of storage and production of energy in industry. Our results show that these layers can be used as suitable coatings on building windows for energy storage applications. In the same experimental conditions, the case of Au as the intermediate layer has shown to have better optical and electrical conditions. Then the Pt layer also led to further improvement of the properties of the samples rather than those of the Ag. Moreover, the ZnO/Au/ZnO sample has shown the highest transmittance at the visible region (68.95%) and the highest FOM (5.1 × 10–4 Ω−1). Therefore, it can be considered as relatively the optimum sample in order for the building windows to save energy because of its low U-value (2.16 W/cm2 K) and low emissivity (0.45). Finally, by applying the equivalent voltage of 12 V at the ends of the sample, the surface temperature of sample has risen from 24 to 120 °C.




film, substrate, energy saving