Enhanced Photocatalytic Activities of RhB Degradation and H2 Evolution from in Situ Formation of the Electrostatic Heterostructure MoS2/NiFe LDH Nanocomposite through the Z-Scheme Mechanism via p–n Heterojunctions

2019 / ACS applied materials & interfaces

Designing of an efficient heterostructure photocatalyst for photocatalytic organic pollutant removal and H2 production has been a subject of rigorous …

James Burgess

Experimental and theoretical studies of imidazole based chemosensor for Palladium and their biological applications

2019 / Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry

An imidazole derivative (probe L1) bearing a thiophene group was developed as an ON-OFF fluorescent chemosensor for palladium ions. The UV–vis …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD

Platelet-driven formation of interface peptide nano-network biosensor enabling a non-invasive means for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease

2019 / Biosensors and Bioelectronics

Soft material fabricated with DNA origami or peptide cross-linking technique may be promising theranostic platforms in the future; however, their …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD

Bimetallic co-effect of Au-Pd alloyed nanoparticles on mesoporous silica modified g-C3N4 for single and simultaneous photocatalytic oxidation of phenol and reduction of hexavalent chromium

2019 / Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Perception of surface plasmonic resonance in heterogeneous photocatalysis not only has impact on basic science of sustainable energy development, but …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD

A multifunctional quinoxalin-based AIEgen used for fluorescent thermo-sensing and image-guided photodynamic therapy

2019 / Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical

Luminogens with aggregation-induced emission (AIE) characteristic drew extraordinary attention owing to their excellent luminescence properties in aggregated state or solid …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD

Evaluation of the stereoselectivity for titanium(IV)-based coordination entities induced by the enantiopure diphenylethene-1,2-diamine ligand

2019 / Inorganica Chimica Acta

This article describes the formation of neutral TiO4N2-based coordination entities where the titanium centers are coordinated by oxygenated ligands incorporating …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD

Design and Biological Evaluation of m-Xylene Thioether-Stapled Short Helical Peptides Targeting the HIV-1 gp41 Hexameric Coiled–Coil Fusion Complex

2019 / Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

Short peptide-based inhibition of fusion remains an attractive goal in antihuman immunodeficiency virus (HIV) research based on its potential for …

Leah Pandiscia, PhD