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Structure and adhesion properties of waterborne poly(urethane urea)s containing small amounts of different graphene derivatives

2021 / Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology

Waterborne poly(urethane urea)s (PUDs) containing graphene derivatives with different morphologies and surface polarities were synthesized via in situ polymerization by …

Carlos Morillo

Eco-friendly extraction of Mastocarpus stellatus carrageenan for the synthesis of gold nanoparticles with improved biological activity

2021 / International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

Carrageenan was extracted from Mastocarpus stellatus using hot water extraction under atmospheric and pressurized conditions. The influence of heating temperature …

Carlos Morillo

Pipecolisporin, a Novel Cyclic Peptide with Antimalarial and Antitrypanosome Activities from a Wheat Endophytic Nigrospora oryzae

2021 / pharmaceuticals

A novel cyclic antimalarial and antitrypanosome hexapeptide, pipecolisporin (1), was isolated from cultures of Nigrospora oryzae CF-298113, a fungal endophyte …

Carlos Morillo
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