MRS Spring

April 22, 2024 - April 26, 2024

Seattle, WA

The 2024 MRS Spring Meeting is the key forum to present research to an interdisciplinary and international audience. It provides a window on the future of materials science, and offers an opportunity for researchers—from students and postdoctoral fellows, to Nobel and Kavli Prize Laureates—to exchange technical information and network with colleagues.

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Midwest Protein Folding

April 27, 2024 - April 27, 2024

University of Notre Dame

This one-day meeting of Midwest research laboratories interested in protein folding, aggregation, binding, and dynamics features talks and posters (from graduate students and postdocs, plus two PIs). Topics include:
1. In vitro experiments: protein folding, binding, aggregation, dynamics
2. In silico approaches: computational models and genome-wide approaches to understanding protein folds, dynamics, and folding mechanisms
3. Proteins in vivo: co-translational folding, roles for molecular chaperones, misfolding/aggregation/amyloid formation, and cellular mechanisms for recognizing and clearing misfolded proteins

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Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting (MARM)

June 5, 2024 - June 8, 2024

University Park, PA

As scientists, discovery is at the forefront of everything we do. We build upon the discoveries of other scientists, make new discoveries ourselves, and publish those discoveries to complete the cycle. In recognition of the quarter-millennial anniversary of one of the most important discoveries of our time, the meeting's theme is "Celebrating Discovery." Through this theme, we will honor and celebrate the groundbreaking work of Joseph Priestley on the discovery of oxygen in 1774. We hope that MARM 2024 inspires you to make brand new discoveries and foster professional connections with scientists from all over the Mid-Atlantic!

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International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy

June 17, 2024 - June 21, 2024

Champaign, IL

The International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy is the premier annual meeting in this exciting and interdisciplinary field. The symposium uniquely combines plenary talks from world leaders in the field with parallel sessions comprising shorter talks, many presented by graduate students, and fosters a collegial and collaborative atmosphere with a multitude of formal and informal interactions. Registration and housing costs are kept low to enable entire research groups to attend, and in fact most senior people in the field gave their very first conference presentation at this symposium (to a very friendly audience). A wide range of topics is covered, from theory to experiment, from gas-phase to condensed-phase, from low resolution to ultra-high resolution, from the microwave to the ultraviolet, and from fundamental science to applications such as astronomy and atmospheric science. Each year's meeting also includes three "mini-symposia" on topics of special interest.

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Microscopy and Microanalysis

July 28, 2024 - August 1, 2024

Cleveland, OH

Don't miss out on the premier microscopy education and networking event of the year – Microscopy and Microanalysis 2024 in Cleveland!

Experience the vibrant heart of the Midwest in Cleveland, Ohio! Nestled along the scenic shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland is a city that effortlessly blends history, culture, and innovation.

With its friendly, welcoming atmosphere and a diverse range of attractions, Cleveland is known for its thriving culinary scene, craft breweries, and dynamic neighborhoods. Come experience the warmth and energy of Cleveland for yourself and create unforgettable memories in the heart of the Midwest.

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ACS Fall

August 18, 2024 - August 22, 2024

Denver, CO

Where thousands of chemistry professionals meet to share ideas and advance scientific and technical knowledge. The list of symposia and program chairs for each programming group is available.

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HalChem XI

September 3, 2024 - September 6, 2024

Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD

The format will combine invited lectures and submitted presentations (oral and poster). Contributions from the scientific community working in any areas of halogen chemistry and biology (such as synthetic, biological and theoretical aspects, spectroscopy, supramolecular chemistry, halogen bonding, hypervalent halogen compounds, medicinal chemistry, atmospheric chemistry, etc.) are welcome.

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