Optical Spectrometers

A comprehensive range of spectrometers and spectrophotometers covering the Far UV to the Terahertz region

Optical Spectrometers

JASCO continues to develop and manufacture an impressively wide range of instrumentation for optical spectroscopy. The spectrometers include many of the latest improvements in electronic technology like FPGA and digital signal processing (DSP), coupled with the highest quality optical materials.

All spectrophotometers share common features, such as  compact design, with durable and robust operation. Some of our high-end products are targeted at advanced research, but the range also  includes many spectrophotometers for reliable and easy operation for use in QA/QC and teaching.

Spectra Manager™ Suite for Easy Use

Spectrometers in every category from simple UV-visible spectroscopy to advanced Raman imaging use the same cross-platform Spectra Manager™ Suite control and analysis software. This is a real benefit for those users who need several different types of instrument.

Spectra Manager™ makes user training for operation and data analysis much  faster and easier, and the many automated work flows, set-up wizards and process controls can be used for maximum productivity in busy laboratories.

Spectroscopy Products