HPLC, SFC Systems, Software and Modules

The LC-4000 Series is the next generation of integrated HPLC and SFC systems, with a small footprint, and stackable modules for versatile system building for simple analytical analysis to complex method development and preparative scale separations.

The LC-4000 Series is made up of three distinct platforms, 500 Bar for routine and preparative, 700 Bar for Rapid separations with smaller particle sizes and solid core particle columns and 1300 Bar for use with sub 2um particle sizes.

The SFC-4000 supercritical fluid system (SFC)  also has different platforms for analytical, method-development  and preparative scale for library purification or bulk purification and for a variety of SFE extractions.

Both the LC and SFC systems benefit from the widest selection of optical detectors and a single-quadrapole mass spectrometer with ESI and APCI.

All systems include ChromNAV, an easy to use chromatography data system that includes many features to make your life easier for applications from routine separation and quantitation to method development, column screening, automated prep and GPC.

HPLC and SFC Systems