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Best Practice in Molecular Spectroscopy

Gain insights into saving time and money in your laboratory and achieve better data with a few easy to follow  tips.

Circular Dichroism Tips & Tricks

Circular dichroism spectroscopy requires good experimental technique, find out how sample concentration, path length and measurement parameters are critical to obtaining good CD data.

Fluorescence Spectroscopy Tips & Tricks

Fluorescence spectroscopy is dependent on quantum efficiency of photon-electron interaction. Find out how to select the right measurement parameters that will give you the best spectra.

UV-Visible/NIR Spectroscopy Tips & Tricks

One of the oldest measurements in electronic spectroscopy, find out how Beer’s law, stray light and wavelength selection affects measurement.

Raman Spectroscopy Tips and Tricks

Raman scatter is really weak signal, about a million times less intense than Rayleigh scatter. Find out how to obtain good Raman spectra by carefully optimizing the measurement.

How to Calibrate the CD Scale with ACS

To calibrate the circular dichroism scale on any J-Series CD spectrometer requires the use of a standard reference material; find out the best practice for using the right SRM for your measurement.