Best Practices

Gain insight on how to save time in the lab and achieve better data with a few simple tips.

Circular Dichrosim Tips and Tricks

Since circular dichroism is an absorption technique based on Beer’s Law, the sample concentration and path length are critical to obtaining good CD data.

Fluorescence Spectroscopy Tips and Tricks

Fluorescence spectroscopy is a technique based on the Beer-Lambert equation and therefore, the sample concentration is critical to obtaining good fluorescence data.

UV Visible Spectroscopy Tips and Tricks

Raman Spectroscopy Tips and Tricks

Raman scatter is about a million times less intense than Rayleigh scatter. Therefore, to obtain Raman spectra, it is necessary to prevent the Rayleigh scatter overpowering the weaker Raman scatter.

How to Calibrate the CD Scale with ACS

To calibrate the circular dichroism scale on any J-Series CD spectrometer requires the use of standard reference material; we recommend the ammonium salt of camphor sulfonic acid* which is accurate and very stable.