How to Calibrate the CD Scale with ACS

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To calibrate the circular dichroism scale on any J-Series CD spectrometer requires the use of a standard reference material; we recommend the ammonium salt of camphor sulfonic acid* which is accurate and very stable. The procedure outlined below (and in the download) can be used for the J-1000 Series. For older models, please refer to the relevant manual or contact us for further information.

*Ordering information can be found at the bottom of the page.

Click Program and then Select Administrative Tools. 

In Administrative Tools, right-click the icon for the CD instrument and select Properties.

The Properties menu box will pop up. Select the Adjustment tab, and then select CD Scale.

The CD Scale Calibration menu box will pop up. Make sure nothing is in the sample compartment and then click the box next to Blank Correct and then select Execute. Then place 0.06% CSA into the sample compartment in a 1 cm path length cell and select Execute. The program will now calibrate the CD scale based on the ACS sample. The text will also prompt you when to place the sample in the sample compartment.