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A comprehensive library of learning resources where you can gain a better insight into electronic and vibrational molecular spectroscopy, HPLC and supercritical fluids (SFC &SFE).

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A collection of peer-reviewed articles on JASCO instruments being used throughout the world.

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Learn about the theory behind molecular spectroscopy and chromatography.

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Best Practices

Gain insight on how to save time in the lab and achieve better data with a few simple tips.

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Training Videos

Watch training videos on our various instruments.

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A series of webinars focusing on various spectroscopy and chromatography techniques.

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Access applications using molecular spectroscopy for both biological and materials analysis.

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FTIR, Infrared (IR) microscopy, and Raman microscopy are excellent methods for the analysis of molecular structure from molecular vibrations, each of these analytical methods has its own distinct merits. Each method allows for various size samples of microplastics.

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Training Seminars

Increasing productivity in the lab requires reliable instruments, quality support, and a strong working knowledge of the instrumentation. These seminars are specifically designed to increase your knowledge of JASCO products and related applications, as well as instrument maintenance and troubleshooting procedures.

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These eBooks provide a brief overview of some of the key considerations when selecting instruments for your laboratory.