FP-8000 Series Fluorometer

A fluorometer with aberration free optical system incorporating a high intensity continuous xenon source for unsurpassed sensitivity.

FP-8000 Series Fluorometer

FP-8000 Series Fluorometer

Each FP-8000 Series Fluorometer has an optical bench designed specifically for high sensitivity measurements with a range of features that makes it excellent for applications that require precise data. The FP-8000 Series of spectro-fluorometers has been developed for a variety of applications including biomolecular structure, advanced materials research, and quantum yield measurements.

Features of the FP-8000 Series Fluorometer

  • High throughput optical system
  • Wide dynamic range for high sensitivity measurements (at least 6 orders of magnitude) using Auto Gain and Auto Sensitivity Control System for optimal S/N
  • Variable spectral bandwidth down to 1 nm to resolve narrow spectral features
  • Automatic band-pass filters for higher order diffraction
  • High speed scanning for rapid data acquisition
  • Spectral Correction for Quantum Yield measurements

Unique Features and Accessories

  • Range of precise temperature control accessories
  • Automatic polarizers for anisotropy measurements (with temperature control)
  • Integrating spheres for Quantum Yield measurements
  • Microplate Reader for rapid sample throughput
  • Microsampling accessories for small volume samples
  • Stopped-flow system for rapid kinetics
  • Spectra Manager™ Suite software for control and data analysis
  • Flexible design allows for field upgrades for different measurements  as applications and budgets evolve

Versatility for a Wide Range of Applications

  • Protein dynamics
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Cellular membrane studies
  • Enzyme kinetics
  • Carbon nanostructures
  • Characterization of fluorescent probes
  • Short life-time phosphorescence measurements
  • Thermal stability measurements

FP-8000 Series Models