NIR Spectrofluorometer


For extended wavelength operation into the near infrared. 

FP-8650 NIR Spectrofluorometer

FP-8650 Spectrofluorometer

The FP-8650 NIR Spectrofluorometer uses a uniquely red-sensitive PMT that extends the measurement range from the UV-Visible to the near infrared. Providing excitation wavelengths from 200 to 850 nm and emission detection up to 980nm (1010 nm option). Samples such as carbon nanotubes, porphyrins, and other NIR markers can easily be measured. It is especially well-suited for monitoring NIR-labeled biologicals far away from background auto-fluorescence. The compact instrument design incorporates high-speed scanning and automatic cut-off filters to exclude higher-order diffraction for fast, accurate acquisition of single spectra and EEMs (Excitation-Emission-Matrices).


  • High sensitivity S/N is 3,500:1 (RMS)
  • Many options include solid sampling, spectral correction, and quantum yield with ambient and LN2-cooled integrating spheres
  • High-speed scanning up to 120,000 nm/min Emission
  • Wavelength range: 200 to 1,010 nm Emission (up to 850 nm, Excitation)
  • Validation included

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