Sophisticated optical system with additional features for the broadest range of applications.

FP-8350 Spectrofluorometer

The FP-8350 Spectrofluorometer is an extremely sensitive spectrofluorometer that can be used in the broadest range of applications: biological, environmental, teaching labs, and core facilities. Many features make this a simple-to-use instrument; automatic cut-off filters (included as standard) eliminate peaks due to second-order scatter, giving more confidence in artifact-free spectral measurement. Auto-Gain and Auto-SCS optimize the S/N for samples with large differences in concentration and fluorescence intensity, offering a wide dynamic range. This reduces the need for manual intervention of adjusting the spectral band and sensitivity settings for on-scale measurement.

Single and multi-cell Peltier accessories provide exceptional temperature control for thermal studies such as molecular conformation and folding.

Automated broad wavelength polarizers can be used for a range of experiments including anisotropy for investigation of binding events. Rapid-kinetics and titration measurements can be automated with fully integrated stopped-flow and auto-titrator units. Solid samples can be measured with dedicated holders for powders, films, etc.


  • High sensitivity S/N 8,000:1 typical
  • High resolution with SBW to 1.0 nm
  • Wavelength range: 200 to 750 nm (900 nm optional)

FP-8050 Series Models

  • Simple and sensitive system which readily accommodates routine measurements and accessories, such as spectral scanning, quantitation, and temperature control.

    FP-8250 Spectrofluorometer

  • Sophisticated optical system offering the ultimate in sensitivity, spectral accuracy, and flexibility for the most challenging materials and biological samples.

    FP-8550 Spectrofluorometer

  • Uniquely optimized for NIR applications with extended wavelength measurement to 1010 nm.

    FP-8650 NIR Spectrofluorometer