Fluorescence Automated Titration & Stopped-Flow for Rapid Kinetics

Fluorescence Stopped-Flow/Rapid Kinetics

Fluorescence stopped flow
SFS-152 Stopped-Flow System for Rapid Kinetics

The Fluorescence Stopped Flow accessory is used with either the FP-8350 or FP-8550 for measurement of rapid kinetic by mixing two or more solutions to initiate a fast chemical reaction with very small delay time. The reaction kinetics are then followed by monitoring the change in the fluorescence intensity.

Number of Syringes234234
Syringe Volume Options10 mL (standard), 1.0, 2.5, 5.0 mL
Mixing Ratio1:1 to 1:20
Dead Time2.9 msec.
Flow Rate5 mL/sec. (10 mL syringe)
Temperature Control System-Heating/Cooling system utilizing Peltier effect
Peltier Heat Radiation-Water-Cooled
Temperature Setting Range-Cell: 10 to 80°C
Syringe: 10 to 60°C
Temperature Accuracy-±0.5°C (cel)
Optional Accessory50 μL, 100 μL, 500 μL delay line

Automated Titration

Fluorescence automatic titrator
ATS-127 Autotitrator

The dual syringe autotitrator is used to monitor changes in the fluorescence intensity as a function of pH, chemical denaturant, or exogenous ligands. The syringes can be operated independently to control the titration volumes  and are fitted with a valve for automated refilling and flushing during extended runs. The titration application program in Spectra Manager controls the autotitrator and automatically corrects for concentration during measurement.

Compatible CellsMicro cell 5 x 5 mm, rectangular cell 10 x 10 mm
Compatible AccessoriesSTR-112, EHC-113, ETC-115
Number of Syringes2
Syringe Volume Options1.0 mL (standard), 2.5 mL
Injection AccuracyBetter than 99%
Injection Reproducibility Less than 1%
Injection Resolution0.1% of syringe volume