Fluorescence Automated Titration

Automatic Titration

Fluorescence automatic titrator
ATS-127 Auto-titrator

The dual syringe auto-titrator is used to monitor changes in the fluorescence intensity as a function of pH, chemical denaturant, or exogenous ligands. The syringes can be operated independently to control the titration volumes  and are fitted with a valve for automated refilling and flushing during extended runs. The titration application program in Spectra Manager controls the auto-titrator and automatically corrects for concentration during measurement.

Compatible CellsMicro cell 5 x 5 mm, rectangular cell 10 x 10 mm
Compatible AccessoriesSTR-112, EHC-113, ETC-115
Number of Syringes2
Syringe Volume Options1.0 mL (standard), 2.5 mL
Injection AccuracyBetter than 99%
Injection Reproducibility Less than 1%
Injection Resolution0.1% of syringe volume