MSV-5000 Series UV-Visible Microspectrometer

The MSV-5000 is a UV-Visible or UV-Visible/NIR microscope that uses a high resolution double-beam scanning spectrophotometer for precise and accurate measurement in the wavelength region 200-2700 nm.

MSV-5000 Series UV-Visible MicrospectrometerMSV-5000 Series UV-Visible/NIR Microspectrometers

The MSV-5000 Series UV-Visible/NIR Microspectrometers can be used for a broad range of applications including the measurement of transmittance/reflectance spectra, band gap, film thickness, evaluation of the optical characteristics of functional crystals and color analysis of microscopic samples. The MSV-5000 series includes 3 different configurations for UV-Visible/NIR microscopy:

MSV-5100 UV-Visible Microspectrometer

The MSV-5100 is a UV-Visible microscope with a wavelength range of (200-900 nm).

MSV-5200 UV-Visible/NIR Microspectrometer (up to 2700nm)

The MSV-5200 includes a Peltier-cooled PbS detector with variable spectral bandwidth,  wavelength range of (200-2700 nm).


UV-Visible/NIR Microspectrometer (up to 1700nm)

The MSV-5300 uses an InGaAs detector to obtain optimized NIR measurements, wavelength range of (200-1700 nm).

System Features

A PC-controlled objective carousel can be used to select any of the available 10X, 16X or 32X cassegrain objectives in combination with a standard optical zoom feature to provide enhanced video imaging of the sample using a high-resolution CMOS camera. Options include binocular viewing, polarized observation and refractive objective lenses.

Wide Spectral Measurement Range

The microscope system includes wide-band cassegrain objectives for high throughput transmittance/reflectance measurements continuously from 200 to 2700 nm (MSV-5200).

Scanning Dispersive Optical System

The optical system uses a precision double-beam scanning monochromator, it includes all of the features of a research grade scanning UV-Visible/NIR spectrophotometer with selectable spectral band width for variable spectral resolution as well as selectable circular apertures and an adjustable rectangular aperture for sample area discrimination for measurement through the microscope.

Polarization Measurement

An automated Glan-Taylor polarizer system (standard) provides polarization measurements in combination with the optional automated polarization analyzer.

Automatic XYZ Stage

The optional automated stage enhances the operation performance of the system especially for mapping and multi-point measurements.

Spectra Manager™ Suite

Spectra Manager™ Suite, the cross-platform control and analysis package for all JASCO spectroscopic instruments, offers quick and easy data acquisition and analysis.

Spectra Manager Software