Preparative SFC System Configuration


PR-4088 Prep SFC Features

The PR-4088 Prep SFC system is designed for large-scale throughput with 21 mm or 30 mm columns to maximum sample purification. This system is versatile enough to be used for smaller scale prep using 10mm columns. Interchangeable modifier pumps can be configured to give highly accurate modifier compositions. ChromNAV provides complete integrated control for flow rate, temperature, sample injection, and fractionation.

Preparative SFC
Large scale preparative SFC system

Fast CO2 Delivery

Preparative scale COdelivery of up to 150 mL/min, or up to 200 mL when combined with a modifier co-solvent.

Maximum Sample Preparation

Using columns from 10 to 30 mm ID, the PR-4088 Prep System can be used for separation and purification from 100mg to 100g per day of sample material. High productivity with stacked injections.

Sample separation for Chiral & Achiral

PR-4088 Prep System is excellent for both Chiral and Achiral sample preparation.

Powerful SFC Management Tool

Using ChromNAV software the PR-4088 Prep can be used with a wide variety of fraction collection methods, including time window, slope, and/or threshold, to achieve high throughput stack injection.

Complete Audit trail to monitor campaigns

ChromNAV controls your campaign; monitors the individual chromatograms, complete sets of stacked injections, and pressure and temperature profiles throughout the system.

High-Throughput Sample

Several fraction collection regimes for use with larger sample bottles for larger-scale purification.

Accurate Chromatography with Large Volume Injections

PR-4088 uses the Patented DLI (Dual Line Injection) to ensure excellent chromatography when making large-volume injections.

8 Fraction Sample Collection Unit

The PR-4088 fraction collection unit includes the patented dynamic back pressure regulator and 8 individual cyclone separators with a separate waste line. Fraction control allows sequential or stacked injection, with the option to collect the fractions between peaks to ensure there is no sample loss. Recoveries are typically in the region of 95% or better with negligible cross-contamination between fractions.

Widest Range of Detection Schemes

The PR-4088 SFC System can be used with a single detector or combination of detectors to control fractionation, including Mass Spec, UV-Vis, PDA, and chiral (circular dichroism). For applications requiring the utmost sensitivity, JASCO has designed the first high-pressure flow cell designed for the FP-4020 fluorescence detectors making them compatible with SFC.