Theory of Spectroscopy

Learn the theory behind molecular spectroscopy.

Basic Theory of Spectroscopy

A basic overview of the various molecular spectroscopy techniques.

Learn about Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy

Circular dichroism spectroscopy (CD) is an essential analytical technique used to analyze chirality in molecules through their optical activity.

Learn about Confocal Raman Microscopy

This technique offers a number of significant advantages over other spectroscopic or optical microscopy techniques, as it can be used for chemical or molecular analysis encompassing depth profiling and microscopic area mapping of samples with a spatial resolution of as little as 1 μm.

Learn about Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Fluorescence spectroscopy is routinely used for studying structural changes in conjugated systems, aromatic molecules, and rigid, planar compounds due to alterations in temperature, pH, ionic strength, solvent, and ligands.

Learn about IR Microscopy

Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy is concerned with the vibration of molecules.  Each functional group has its own discrete vibrational energy which can be used to identify a molecule through the combination of all of the functional groups.


The eBooks give a more in-depth look at the various molecular spectroscopy topics.

Circular Dichorism ebook

IR Microscopy ebook

Raman Microscopy ebook