Shipping Policy

Thank you for visiting the Website offered by JASCO, Incorporated (“JASCO”, “we”, “us”, “our”). Use of this Website is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Website Use accessible on this Website (collectively, the “Terms”). Defined terms bearing initial capital letters not otherwise defined in this Shipping Policy (“Shipping Policy”) may have the meaning given to such defined terms in the Terms. Use by you (“Customer”, “you” or “your”) of this Website constitutes your agreement to be subject to the Terms and the terms and conditions of any sale to you by JASCO of its products as provided on the Website, including this Shipping Policy. The Website is published to provide information about JASCO and its products and services and to facilitate the purchase of certain products (collectively, “Products”) offered for sale by JASCO from time to time through the Website. If you have any questions about this Shipping Policy please contact us using the contact information provided on the Website.

Terms of our shipping policy are outlined below. Our Website also includes separate sections for our Return/Refund Policy and our Privacy Policy.


Customers may purchase any of the Products provided on our Website at the prices designated by selecting Products for purchase and completing our electronic order form (an “Order”). Customer will be charged in accordance with any existing written contract with the Customer or if one does not exist then according to JASCO’s practices adopted from time to time for shipping and handling costs and applicable sales taxes in effect at the time of the Order. JASCO expressly disclaims any representation or warranty as “most favored customer” pricing in connection with any Order placed through our Website.


Customer acknowledges and agrees that Products ordered on the Website shall be shipped by JASCO or drop shipped by applicable manufacturer or other supplier using our authorized carrier or carrier authorized by a manufacturer or supplier (the “Approved Shipper”) and delivered to Customer’s designated delivery location, FOB Point of Delivery to Approved Shipper[Note to JASCO: Is this your practice?].

Although JASCO has attempted to ensure inventory availability of Products is accurately reflected on the Website, Customer acknowledges that from time to time certain Products designated as inventory may not be available at time of shipment. If an Order cannot be shipped in its entirety by the close of business day following placement of the Order, JASCO will notify the Customer and provide an estimated shipping date. JASCO reserves the right to substitute alternate products with equivalent specifications for those ordered. Customer shall have the right to return any substituted Products at no charge following the returned goods policy set out herein. JASCO also reserves the right to make delivery in installments for those items included in an Order that are not available for immediate shipment and to bill Customer separately for such items. Customer may cancel those items on Order that subject to delay by notice to JASCO within 48 hours of receipt of a delay notification provided such Products have not yet been shipped. If JASCO receives no such notice of cancellation, the estimated product availability and shipment date will be accepted. The foregoing sets forth JASCO’s entire obligation with regard to Product availability and shipment delays. JASCO will not be liable for any late shipment or any failure to ship any Products.

Upon the issuance of an Order, JASCO will generate a tracking number and notify Customer of the logistical information associated with the delivery of the Products by the Approved Shipper.

Customer agrees to make available a suitable place for equipment installation within its facilities in accordance with applicable installation specifications and procedures. Customer will furnish all labor required to place Products in the desired location. To the extent installation services are agreed to be provided by JASCO, JASCO will install Products in accordance with customary procedures.


Immediately upon receipt of Products, Customer shall inspect the Products and notify JASCO in writing of any claims for order or shipping errors, shortages, defects or damages and shall hold any such goods for JASCO’s written instructions concerning disposition. If Customer fails to notify JASCO within three (3) business days after receipt of the Products, the Products shall be deemed to conclusively conform to the terms provided herein and shall be irrevocably accepted by Customer.


JASCO shall automatically charge Customer’s account for Orders. In the event that a Customer does not have an account with availability to cover an Order amount, JASCO will charge the Order to a credit card authorized by Customer. The amount due shall be that amount reflected in the Order at the time of Order placement comprised of the price of the Product(s), applicable shipping charges and applicable sales taxes. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment shall be due upon provision of the Products to the Approved Shipper at the Approved Shipper’s shipping point. JASCO reserves the right to collect interest at a rate equal to the highest applicable lawful interest rate on invoiced amounts not paid within thirty (30) calendar days from date of invoice, with interest to accrue monthly until payment is received. All payments shall be made in U.S. Dollars.