Evaluation of Polarizers for FPDs

Download PDF August 23, 2022


Automated evaluation system using the V-7000 Series

For advanced flat panel displays (FPD), a high quality polarizer is required for optimum performance of the display. These polarizers require measurement using an instrument with superior performance specifications for photometric range and accuracy. The V-7000 series automated instrument system provides measurements for the detection of the crossed Nicol position, transmittance of both crossed and parallel positions and dedicated calculations of polarizer efficiency. The figure illustrates the measurement results of a dichroic polarizer plate with a S/N ratio of less than 0.0003% at a transmittance of 0.001%.

Phase difference spectra of a quarter-wave plate

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Leah Pandiscia received her PhD from Drexel University where she studied Biophysical Chemistry. She is a Spectroscopy Applications Scientist.