On-line Monitoring of an Amorphous Silicon Layer on a Solar Cell

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MV-2000 PDA UV-visible spectrophotmeter
JASCO MV-2000 Portable Multi-channel UV-visible Spectrophotometer

On-line monitoring is often used to observe a process to ensure quality on a constant basis. The MV-2000 Series UV-visible PDA spectrophotometer offers excellent performance for a variety of applications and is highly configurable for a wide range of sample analyses. With the ability to perform transmission or reflection measurements, the MV-2000 Series can be used to make in-situ or on-line measurements for applications such as the monitoring chemical reactions or physical vapor deposition, manufacturing and polishing processes, and film thickness measurement.


  • In-situ or on-line process monitoring
  • Physical or Chemical Vapor Deposition
  • Chemical/Mechanical Polishing
  • Chemical Crystallization
  • Final product inspection
  • Optical materials Research & Development

Example of On-line Monitoring of an Amorphous Silicon Layer on a Solar Cell


UV-visible diode array UV-visible spectrophotometer, process monitoring, fiber probe

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