Metabolic Fingerprinting for Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and Other Rheumatology Disorders using Raman Microscopy Analysis of Bloodspots Webinar

(Previously Recorded)

Watch our previously recorded webinar with guest speaker Dr. Luis Rodriguez-Saona, who shares his groundbreaking disease diagnosis work (FM, fibromyalgia) on our NRS-4100 1064 nm Raman microscope.

Metabolic fingerprinting for diagnosis of fibromyalgia and other rheumatology disorders using Raman microscopy analysis of bloodspots

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Dr. Luis E. Rodriguez-Saona imageDr. Luis E. Rodriguez-Saona obtained his degree as a Food Engineer from the Universidad Nacional Agraria, La Molina (Lima, Peru). Later he received his Master and Doctorate degrees in Food Science from Oregon State University. After a Post-doc at the Joint Institute of Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (FDA-UM), he joined the department of Food Science and Technology at The Ohio State University and is currently a Professor working on the applications of vibrational spectroscopy for chemical detection. Through the collaboration with leading optical sensing industries, his molecular vibrational lab is recognized for the integration of pattern recognition analysis to complex spectral information to screen for potential contamination and adulteration of foods. His research has generated over 90 peer-reviewed articles, 20 book chapters and multiple presentations at national and international meetings.