Live Demonstration of Raman Imaging Microscopy

Previously Recorded

In this previously recorded demo of the NRS-4500 confocal Raman microscope, using a variety of different samples, we show:

  • How to use high sensitivity detection coupled with a high speed stage (QRI – quick Raman imaging) to perform large area fast imaging microscopy
  • Dealing with problem samples with either rough or tilted surfaces (SSI – in-focus measurement)
  • Finding particulate samples, automatically for faster set up and analysis (Simple Search)

In addition, we discuss:

  • laser selection,
  • gratings, and
  • objectives.

For data analysis, Spectra Manager™ Imaging Suite with 2D and 3D mapping and imaging is used together with chemometrics (MCR) to automatically determine chemical maps for principal components.

This presentation is recommended for anyone interested to learn about Raman microscopy and how to get the best out of measurement for a range of sample matrices.

We also invite you to take a look at our previously recorded webinars on Raman and FTIR Microscopy, as well as a demonstration on IR Microscopy.

Live Demonstration of Raman Imaging Microscopy

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