Introducing JASCO’s New V-700 Series UV-VIS/NIR Spectrophotometers

April 27, 2017

V-750 V-780 ComboJASCO is proud to announce the launch of the new V-700 Series of UV-Visible/NIR spectrophotometers. These systems feature a rugged and compact design, excellent optical performance, high speed scanning, and a range of application specific accessories and software. The new V-700 series consists of five individual models, including the new concept V-780 UV-Visible-Near Infrared Spectrophotometer with a unique single monochromated optical design incorporating a dual-grating, dual- detector system with an InGaAs NIR detector to fully cover the wavelength range from 190 to 1600 nm with enhanced sensitivity in the NIR region.

Two graphical user interfaces are available including the latest version of JASCO Spectra Manager II software innovative cross-platform spectroscopy software, which allows full system control and advanced data processing. Spectra Manager II is also available in a 21 CFR part 11 compliant version. A newly redesigned intelligent remote module (iRM) now with a color touch-sensitive LCD touch screen, the iRM incorporates a large display and provides access to all functions necessary for routine applications. Either option is designed to provide easy operation and the ability to perform a wide range of applications from routine to sophisticated procedures. Standard features common to all V-700 series instruments are the “IQ Accessory” function for automatic accessory recognition and “IQ Start” function for immediate start when making routine measurements.

The V-730 UV-visible spectrophotometer is a general-purpose instrument. Its excellent spectroscopic performance is suitable for advanced biochemical and clinical lab applications, as well as routine applications such as spectrum scanning, kinetics, quantitative analysis, and colorimetric tests required for QC and environmental analysis.

The V-750 UV-visible spectrophotometer includes a highly sensitive photomultiplier tube (PMT) detector for accurate measurement of low concentration samples. The Dark Correction and monochromator stepping function combined with high stray light rejection provides absorbance linearity up to five absorbance units. It can also be used with solid sample handling accessories such as an integrating sphere to collect diffuse light transmitted or reflected by a sample. The advanced optical design allows the bandwidth to be set as low as 0.1 nm for high resolution work including gas and vapor phase spectroscopy.

The V-760 UV-visible spectrophotometer is a dual monochromator model. The use of a second monochromator provides extremely low stray light to assure more precise measurements with a wide dynamic range up to 8 Absorbance units.

The V-770 is a UV-Vis/NIR model and includes dual detectors, a PMT for the UV/Vis wavelengths and a Peltier-cooled PbS detector for the NIR region. The V-770 is the ideal solution for affordable and accurate NIR analysis. The standard spectral wavelength range is 190-2700 nm and can be expanded to 3200 nm (optional). Accessories including a comprehensive range of integrating spheres and absolute reflectance accessories for materials analysis applications.

The V-780 is a special configuration UV-Visible-Near Infrared spectrophotometer featuring a monochromator with automatically exchanged dual gratings: 1200 lines/mm for the UV/VIS region; 600 lines/mm for the NIR region. A PMT detector is provided for the UV-visible region and a high sensitivity InGaAs photodiode detector is included for the NIR region. Both gratings and detectors are automatically exchanged within the user selectable 800 to 900 nm range and features higher resolution settings with enhanced sensitivity in the NIR region.

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