2021 Biophysical Society Meeting

February 19, 2021

We are pleased to participate in the 2021 Biophysical Society Virtual Annual Meeting, February 22-26.

JASCO will showcase a powerful suite of biophysical characterization tools including Circular Dichroism, Fluorescence and FTIR.

The J-1000 Series CD Spectrometers are specifically designed for high sensitivity in the Far-UV and Near-UV regions. Accurate thermal melts can be collected with single or multi-position Peltier units. Automated high-throughput CD can measure and analyze up to 192 samples without user intervention, and micro-sampling accessories can measure as little as 2μl, saving time and precious samples.

The FP-8000 Fluorescence Series is well suited to bio-characterization with the highest sensitivity, flexibility, and a range of fully integrated accessories for FRET, anisotropy and thermal measurement.

The FT/IR-400/6000 Series features the new PENTA mulit-reflection ATR for fast and sensitive estimation of protein secondary structure from small sample volumes.

All JASCO products run on the same Spectra Manager 2 software platform and cover many application needs including:
• protein characterization
• thermal melts
• stopped-flow kinetics
• anisotropy
• auto-titrating
• FRET in microplates

We look forward to connecting with the scientific community via this dynamic and interactive virtual platform. If you haven’t yet, click here to register.

And be sure to sign up for our drawing to win a GeNiUS YETI and other cool swag!


About the Author

John Burchell is a seasoned JASCO veteran adept with chromatography and spectroscopy products. He is currently the business development manager for both instruments.