LIVE Demos at SciX

October 4, 2023

Please join us in Sparks, NV, October 8 – 13 for SciX 2023.

Bring your samples to booth #112 where Dr. Morillo will be demonstrating our IRT-5200 FTIR Microscope with ClearView observation ATR, and the latest JASCO particle analysis (JPA) software. Spectra ManagerTM Suite offers advanced capabilities in identifying, selecting, and measuring specific particle samples. This cutting-edge software provides invaluable information such as particle size, histogram, and FTIR spectrum for accurate size determination and identification. Additionally, Dr. Morillo will be showing the benefits of our ATR clearview objective lens with IQ mapping. This demonstration will be beneficial for QA/QC engineers, research scientists, professors, and students.

Preferred Samples
  • Particle Samples
  • Laminated Multilayer Materials
  • Contaminates Embedded in Polymers


If you would like to bring a sample or schedule a demo, register here:

About the Author

Dr. Carlos Morillo received his Post Doc at Advanced Industrial Science & Technology in Fukuoka and was a Research Scientist at Kyushu University in Japan where he lived for several years. Carlos received his Doctor of Engineering from Kyushu University and his Masters and BS from Simon Bolivar University in Caracas Venezuela. He is an Applications Scientist at JASCO.