New Prep-4388 Preparative SFC System

Preparative SFC
Prep-4388 Preparative SFC System

The completely re-designed Prep-4388 preparative SFC system includes many new features, such as mass directed prep using a single quad MS detector, a higher flow rate for 3cm columns, automated CO2 shutoff valves for easier priming and to prevent backflow when the flow is switched off.

The fractionation system is also improved with simple individual cyclone separators in a fan evacuated hood.

The Prep-4388 retains the same options for UV- and chiral- directed separations

The new BP-4340 back pressure regulator includes many new features including a ceramic needle for longer lifetime and a control feedback mechanism for wide flow rate range with minimal pulsation.

The system can be installed on a regular lab bench or mounted on a cart, dependent on available space.

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