Windows 10 Update

October 11, 2018

Microsoft recently rolled out an update in October 2018 that may cause a problem to the operation of both JASCO Spectra Manager™ and ChromNAV software platforms.

The updates affected are in versions of Windows 10.


After installing this update for existing Windows 10, some Windows users reported that the files in the document folder were deleted.

For users who have installed this update, JASCO recommends to uninstall the update.

Since JASCO Spectra Manager™ and ChromNAV software does not normally create data files in the document folder,  JASCO data files are not affected by the problem. However, for users who have specified JASCO data folder in the document folder, please confirm JASCO data files have not been deleted, then uninstall the update.

Microsoft has already released a solution for this problem, which is rolling out to Windows Insider Program users first.

Microsoft has paused the Windows 10 October 2018 Automatic Update until the problem can be resolved. More information can be found here.


About the Author

John Burchell is a seasoned JASCO veteran adept with chromatography and spectroscopy products. He is currently the business development manager for both instruments.