HPLC, RHPLC & UHPLC Autosamplers

LC-4000/4500 Series

HPLC Autosamplers

The LC-4000/4500 Series HPLC autosamplers provide a range of options to suit any sample injection requirements. Any of these products can be added to an existing system with keypad or optional RS232 control.

AS-4550 Autosampler

AS-4550 Compact Autosampler

  • Only 6 inches wide (15cm)
  • Variable and fixed loop injection modes (includes: dilution and pre-column derivatization modes)
  • Optional sample racks for a range of vial sizes and microplates
  • Optional rack temperature control (4-40°C)

AS-4050 Routine HPLC Autosampler
AS-4050 Routine HPLC Autosampler

AS-4050 General Purpose HPLC Autosamplers

The AS-4050 is a 60 sample autosampler for use with conventional HPLC with options for analytical and semi-preparative injection volumes.

RHPLC Autosampler AS-4150
RHPLC Autosampler AS-4150

AS-4150/4250 RHPLC and UHPLC Autosamplers

The AS-4150 and AS-4250 are high-capacity, high performance autosamplers designed for RHPLC (up to 70MPa) and UHPLC (up to 130MPa), respectively, with a minimum injection cycle-time of only 30 seconds.

AS-4058 Preparative HPLC Autosampler
AS-4058 Preparative HPLC Autosampler

AS-4058 Preparative HPLC Autosamplers

The AS-4058 is a large volume injection autosampler, up to 5mL as standard (10mL, option). This autosampler is used in preparative systems with either PU-4087 (50mL/min) or PU-4088 (150mL/min) pumps.

Sample Protection

Peltier control is available for maintaining sample temperature and light protection is available on the higher level models for photo-labile samples.

Sample Derivatization and Dilution

Sample preparation is available on the RHPLC and UHPLC autosamplers with programmable sample dilution and pre-column derivitization.

HPLC Autosampler Flow Diagram
flow diagram (loop injection)

Injection Modes

The injection mode can be switched between full loop and partial loop injections.

Low Carry-Over

An external single solvent wash is included on all models. An optional 5 solvent flushing system can be added to virtually eliminate carry-over. An optional degasser can be installed for degassing up to 5 flushing solvents.

HPLC Autosampler
Easy maintenance, access all consumable parts through the front panel


All LC-4000 Series HPLC autosamplers share the same simple maintenance features, with consumable parts such as injection ports, rotor seals, and loops accessible from the front panel for easy replacement.