HPLC Column Ovens

LC-4000 Series

HPLC Column Ovens

The LC-4000 Series  of HPLC column ovens have been designed to provide flexible configuration for a wide range of different applications.

All HPLC column ovens include electronic heating/cooling for controlling column temperature from sub-ambient temperatures to 80 deg C. The CO-4062 and CO-4061 block-heater type ovens can be fitted with an optional micro-volume pre-heating unit for pre- heating the mobile phase before the column to improve resolution and peak shape. Optional selection valves can be electronically controlled for 2- 6- or 10- column selection for fast and automated method development, check out the method scouting option for ChromNAV


compact HPLC column oven

For simple requirements the stackable CO-4061 can be used with column lengths up to 200mm (or up to 300mm with an optional extension).


For RHPLC and UHPLC the CO-4062 has capacity for up to six 150 mm length columns, with options for internally mounted automatic 2- or 6- column switching-valves.



Mid-sized HPLC column oven
CO-4060 mid-sized column oven for up to 6 columns

For larger preparative or GPC columns (or extraction vessels), select either of the two high-capacity CO-4060 or CO-4065 HPLC column ovens. The CO-4060 can accommodate columns with lengths up to 300mm or larger ID preparative columns. The CO-4065 can accommodate up to 10 columns with lengths up to 300mm. Optional 2, 6 or 10 column selector valves (CO-4060 – external, CO-4065 – internal) can be controlled through ChromNAV.

Large Scale preparative column oven
CO-4065 Large scale preparative column oven


Reaction oven for post column reaction derivitization
Reaction Oven

The RO-4068 reaction oven is used for high-temperature post-column sample processing with capacity for columns and reaction coils.

Pre-Column Temperature Stabilizer

Efficiency comparison of stabilizer

Analysis Conditions

ColumnX-Presspak VC18-W
(3 mmI.D. x 50 mmL, 2 μm)
EluentWater / Acetonitrile (Gradient)
Flow Rate1.0mL/min
SampleGasoline Oxidization Products

Comparison of Toluene Peaks

Room Temp.Oven Temp.Pre-Column StabilizerTheoretical PlatesPeak WidthtR(min)