Chiral HPLC Detectors - Optical Rotation (ORD) and Circular Dichroism (CD)

Circular Dichroism Detector

CD-4095 Circular Dichroism (CD) Detector for HPLC
CD-4095 Circular Dichroism HPLC Detector

The CD-4095 is a unique HPLC CD detector for measuring circular dichroism developed from the market leading J-Series circular dichroism spectropolarimeters. Optically active compounds with a chromophore close to a chiral center may absorb circularly polarized light, which can be detected with excellent sensitivity and selectivity. When chiral compounds are measured using a UV-Visible detector, the d- and l- enantiomers cannot be distinguished even when separated by a chiral column, however the  CD-4095 CD detector makes it possible to positively distinguish between the d- and l- enantiomers by measuring their positive and negative peaks. It is also possible to quantify the d- and l-forms even when they are not separated; a calibration curve based on the g-factor can be used to determine the enantiomeric ratio. ChromNAV CDS can be used to simultaneously measure the CD, g-factor data and UV-visible signals. The CD spectra of eluted compounds can be measured by triggering scanning manually, by timed program or automatically by threshold.

The CD-4095 can be used with SFC and HPLC.

Optical Rotation Detector

OR-4090 Optical Rotation
OR-4090 Optical Rotation

The OR-4090 chiral detector measures the angle of rotation of plane polarized light caused by optical active isomers and is useful for chiral compounds with no absorption. The OR-4090 uses a high intensity Hg-Xe arc lamp (150W) providing a strong output in the UV-Visible region where the largest optical rotations offer the highest sensitivity. The wide wavelength range from 350-900nm also allows measurement of a wide variety of samples.

The OR-4090 can only be used with HPLC.