Photometric Diode Array (PDA) HPLC Detectors

PDA HPLC Detectors

PDA detector for HPLC
PDA Detector

The LC-4000 Series includes three PDA detectors – the MD-4010 has a wide wavelength range (200 to 900nm), the MD-4015 is the workhorse with a range 200 to 650nm, finally the MD-4017 is a simple replacement for a single wavelength detector with multiwavelength and spectral acquisition in the UV only (200 to 400nm).

PDA HPLC detector
Front-panel access for easy lamp replacement

The MD-4010 PDA detector has extremely high sensitivity and comparable to a single wavelength detector. It uses a 1024 element photometric diode array, with measurement wavelength range from 190nm to 900nm and resolution of 1nm. Fast spectral acquisition rate of up to 100 spectra/sec. The temperature controlled SP type semi-micro flow cell is used narrow peaks typically found with fast UHPLC or RHPLC separations.  An integrated mercury lamp is used for automatic wavelength calibration and validation.

The MD-4015 PDA detector is similar to the MD-4010 with equivalent sensitivity,  covering the wavelength range from 200nm to 650nm using a 512 element PDA for 1nm resolution, and with high speed 100Hz spectral acquisition.

The MD-4017 uses a CMOS detector covering the UV region from 200-400nm; with 1nm resolution and up to 20Hz spectrum acquisition; useful for peak widths as small as 1 – 2 seconds.

Optional Flow Cells

Semi-micro, semi-micro SP (UHPLC), preparative and high pressure for SFC.

PDA Spectral Acquisition software
ChromNAV PDA data processing included as standard

ChromNAV 2.0 PDA Data System

Includes:  multi-functional analysis with spectral analysis, contour map, 3D, library search for peak identification, peak-purity and multi-wavelength quantitation.