Refractive Index HPLC Detectors

Refractive Index HPLC Detector

Refractive Index Detector for HPLC
RI-4030 Refractive Index HPLC Detector

The RI-4030/35 refractive index detectors include an optical system mounted in a precise temperature-regulated housing to eliminate the influence of changes in ambient temperature. Both detectors are fully stable just one hour after powering on.

The RI-4030 can be used for analytical and preparative scales. For preparative separations, the maximum flow rate is 120 mL/min.

The RI-4035 is a dedicated semi-micro RI detector with a micro-volume flow cell designed for use with fast semi-micro GPC analysis using columns with a fine pore size.

The 100 Hz data acquisition rate makes the RI-4035 suitable for RHPLC and UHPLC separations. The LED light source in both detectors has a long lifetime (over 10,000 hours) for low maintenance. An optional pressure release safety-valve can be fitted to prevent damage to the flow cell in the event of blockage.