HPLC Pumps

LC-4000/4500 Series

LC-4000 and LC-4500 Series HPLC Pumps

The LC-4000 and LC-4500 Series of HPLC pumps can be used as part of any HPLC system or can be configured for stand-alone use with keyboard control.

Four operating pressures are available:

  • Compact HPLC (500bar)
  • RHPLC  (700bar),
  • UHPLC  (1300 bar) and
  • Conventional/preparative (500 bar).

LC-4500 Series Compact HPLC Pumps

PU-4580 Compact HPLC Pump
PU-4580 Compact HPLC Pump

Compact HPLC Pumps
Only 6 inches wide (15cm)
Options: Isocratic, gradient, semi-micro and semi-preparative
Flow Rate: ±1% or ±2 µL/min, whichever is larger. (0.5 – 10.0 mL/min)
Operating Pressure: 50 MPa (up to 6.0 mL/min), 35 MPa (up to 10.0 mL/min)


LC-4000 Series Pumps

Each base unit has two expansion bays that allow an isocratic pump to be transformed into a binary or quaternary gradient solvent delivery system with internal degasser, mixer and optional solvent selection for method development.

PU-4180 Analytical HPLC Pump
PU-4180 Analytical Pump

Options: Isocratic, Binary (two pumps and high pressure mixer) and  Quaternary (four solvent gradient mixer with vacuum degasser)
Flow Rate: Up to 5 mL/min gradient (10mL/min isocratic)
Operating Pressure: Up to 700 Bar
Degassing: Vacuum (Option)
Solvents: 2, 6 or 10


PU-4185 Semi-Micro HPLC Pump
PU-4185 Semi-Micro Pump

RHPLC Semi- Micro Pumps
Options: Isocratic, (two pumps and high pressure mixer)
Flow Rate: Up to 4 mL/min
Operating Pressure: Up to 700 Bar
Degassing: Vacuum (Option)
Solvents: 2, 6 or 10


PU-4285 Semi-Micro UHPLC Pump
PU-4285 Semi-Micro Pump

Options: Isocratic, Binary (two pumps and high pressure mixer)
Flow Rate: Up to 2 mL/min
Operating Pressure: Up to 1,300 Bar
Degassing: Vacuum (Option)
Solvents: 2, 6 or 10


PU-4086/7 Preparative HPLC Pump
PU-4086/7 Preparative Pump

Preparative Pumps
Options: Isocratic and Binary (two pumps and high pressure mixer)
Flow Rate: Up to 20 mL/min (PU-4086)
Flow Rate: Up to 50 mL/min (PU-4087)
Flow Rate: Up to 150 mL/min (PU-4088)
Operating Pressure: Up to 500 Bar
Degassing: Vacuum (Option)
Solvents: 2, 6 or 10

HPLC Pump Configuration

The unique expansion bays each pump base can be fitted with plug-in modules to quickly transform a simple isocratic pumping system into a multi-solvent delivery system. Install a second pump (with dynamic mixer) for binary gradients or a quaternary low pressure mixing gradient unit (four solvent), either can be configured with an optional low volume vacuum degasser.  A 6 – or 10 solvent selection valve can be added for method development.


The PU-4000 Series pumps are normally used as part of a complete HPLC system, however for applications that require stand-alone operation, each instrument has its own keypad and can be controlled using an RS232 protocol and/or contact closures (TTL) to start/stop the pump.

Retention Time Reproducibility

Isocratic Retention time Reproducibility – PU-4180


PU-4180 Flow rate accuracy – (1.0mL/min)


Mobile PhaseAcetonitrile/Water (80:20)
Flow Rate1.0mL/min
ColumnCrestPak C18S (4.6mml.D. x 150mm, 5µm)
Column Temperature40° C
Detection Wave Length260nm, Response; 1sec
SamplePolycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (10µg/mL each)
(Naphthalene, Fluorene, Anthracene, Pyrene, Chrysene, Benzon[a]pyrene)
Injection10 µL

Isocratic Peak Retention Time Reproducibility

Standard Deviation (n-1)0.0010.0010.0010.0010.0010.002
CV% (n-1)0.0250.0180.0170.0220.0160.020

Gradient Performance for PU-4180LPG Quaternary RHPLC  Pump

HPLC pump quaternary gradient
PU-4180 Quaternary gradient mixing performance (1.0mL/min)


Mobile PhaseA; Water, B, Acetonitrile
Flow Rate1.0mL/min
Gradient(A/B) (65/35) → (5/95) Linear Gradient
Flow Rate1.0mL/min
ColumnCrestPak C18S (4.6mml.D. x 150mm, 5µm)
Column Temperature40° C
Detection Wave Length254nm, Response; 1sec
SampleAlkylphenone samples 10μg/mL (Benzohenone 5μg/mL) (Acetanilide, Acetophenone, Propiophenone, Butyrophenone, Benzophenone, Valerophenone, Hexanophenone, Heptanophenone,Octanophenone)
Injection10 µL

Gradient Peak Retention Time Reproducibility

Standard Deviation (n-1)0.0010.0020.0020.0030.0020.0030.0030.0020.002
CV% (n-1)0.0340.0290.0210.0300.0250.0260.0260.0160.012

HPLC Pump Configurations

HPLC pump
PU-4180 Compact Quaternary Gradient Pump with Degasser

The PU-4180/85 and PU-4280/85 can be configured for single pump gradient and multiple pump gradient operation. The single pump quaternary gradient module offers excellent gradient formation for up to four solvents. A newly designed 4-way valve for switching the solvents is synchronized to the operation of the pump motor control – ‘variable cycle adaption’ optimizes delivery according to gradient resolution and flow rate. This highly efficient quaternary gradient can be applied across a wide flow-rate range. Binary and ternary gradient (using 2 or 3 pumps) with optional built-in degasser can be used for fast cycle high-resolution gradient formation; the gradient response time is superior to the single pump quaternary gradient system.

Eliminating Pulsation

The problems caused by pressure variations in solvent delivery when switching between two pump heads in a double reciprocating pump are virtually eliminated with JASCO’s unique asymmetric design that precisely controls the cross-over points of the plungers. The LC-4000 series analytical pumps offer flow rate precision with RSDs of better than 0.05% (difficult to achieve with commercially available pumps).

PU-4185-Binary Pump
Two Pump Binary Gradient

Maximum Pressure

The PU-4180 and 4185 pumps operate at pressures up to 70 MPa (700bar), typically used with RHPLC for core-shell columns or similar micro packing materials as well as for use with conventional HPLC. The PU-4280/85 UHPLC pumps operate at pressures up to 130 MPa (1300 bar) for columns with particle sizes of less than 2 μm.

Gradient Mixing

Multi-pump gradient mixing is done using a variable speed dynamic mixer with a range of a small volume mixing chambers to provide the smallest possible dead volume, offering higher mixing efficiencies for all HPLC solvents. The optional in-line TERA mixer is a turbulent-flow solvent mixer uniquely designed to offer high efficiency mixing with minimal dead volume.

Solvent Degasser

The in-line vacuum solvent degasser uses a Teflon AF membrane with a hold-up volume of only 400μL (per solvent line); for fast solvent priming with minimal waste. Despite its small size, the new degasser offers more effective and stable degassing than larger previous generation models. A degasser for preparative HPLC is also available.


PU-4186 Semi-Prep Pump
Recycling Inlet Switching Unit,
Recycling Valve Unit (Option)

Preparative and Semi-Preparative Pumps

The LC-4000 Preparative HPLC includes pumps at three scales.  PU-4086 – flow rates up to 20 mL/min, PU-4087 – up to 50 mL/min and PU-4088 up to 120mL/ min. Single and multi-pump gradient modes can be used with the each pump for isocratic and gradient. The new ‘MK2 technology’ used in the PU-4086 and PU-4087 motor driver control has been increased so that the maximum pressure can be used at much higher flow-rates for all models, for use with longer preparative HPLC columns that generate more back pressure, and for faster and more productive preparative separations.