Automated High-Throughput CD

Automated high-throughput CD can obtain measurements on up to 192 samples without user intervention, removing the possibility of human error and saving both time and money.

Recent trends in Combinatorial Chemistry and automated synthesis have lead to various new high-throughput measurement techniques. JASCO developed a high-throughput CD measurement system combining an autosampler, syringe pump and flow cell unit for use with the J-1500/1700.

This system can accommodate two 96-well plates (up to 192 samples) and maintain a constant temperature prior to measurement. The system allows automated scanning measurements at predetermined parameters and/or temperature ramping measurements by using a Peltier thermostatted flow cell. In addition to CD, LD and absorbance data, fluorescence can be simultaneously measured as an option. Software control allows samples to be recovered after measurement for further analysis. The analysis program allows batch processing of data including determination of Tm and secondary structure analysis.

J-1500-HTCD High-Throughput Circular Dichroism system