Stopped-flowStopped-flow measurements involve the rapid mixing of two or more solutions to trigger a chemical reaction. The reaction kinetics can then be followed by CD, absorbance and fluorescence. All measurement techniques can be acquired on the same instrument when the stopped-flow system is paired with a J-1500 or J-1700 spectrophotometer.

Stopped-flowThe SFS-600 Series is an innovative stopped-flow measurement accessory with a modular design that allows the flow cell unit to be easily installed and removed from the sample compartment without alignment. Two-, three- and four-syringe models are available, offering flexible mixing as well as upgradeability for quench-flow and T-jump experiments. For temperature-dependent kinetic measurements, the options include Peltier temperature-controlled syringes. Stepper-motor-driven syringes allow variable mixing ratios and a mechanical mixer efficiently mixes solutions commonly used in protein folding experiments.

  • Standard 2 mm cell (optional 0.5, 1 and 10 mm cells)
  • Standard 10 mL syringe (optional 1, 2.5 and 5 mL syringes)
  • 5 mL/sec flow rate with 10 mL syringe
  • Exact control of flow rate
  • Mixing ratio from 1:1 to 1:20
  • Dead time of 2.1 ms with a 0.5 mm cell
  • Peltier temperature control ranges from 5 to 80°C and 5 to 60°C for the cell and syringe, respectively