Temperature Control

Three single-position Peltier thermostatted cell holders (PTC-510, 514, 517) are available for temperature control using the three Spectra Manager™ software programs. All feature a temperature setting range of -30 to 130°C with a measurement probe that can be placed inside or adjacent to the cell, as well as a magnetic stirrer to ensure thermal equilibrium. The cell holders can be used with cells of 10, 5, 2, 1 and sub-1 mm pathlengths.

The multi-position Peltier cell-changers are designed for high sample throughput and productivity. The six-position holder for rectangular cells is used for automated, simultaneous measurement of spectral scans and parallel thermal ramps for up to six samples. Thermal ramping at single or multiple wavelengths as well as thermal ramping with spectral scanning at preset temperatures are also possible.

The MPTC-513 cell holder can be used for fluorescence measurement, including total fluorescence (TFA-555), scanning excitation/emission fluorescence (FMO-522) and fluorescence anisotropy (FPA-580).