Spectra Manager BeStSel

Secondary structure information using BeStSel algorithm (left) Automatic Y-axis conversion and concentration calculation using amino acid sequence and absorption (right)


Application: Secondary Structure Prediction of Therapeutic Antibodies

Spectra Manager BeStSel utilizes the ‘BeStSel engine’, an algorithm developed by Dr. József Kardos and Dr. András Micsonai, et. al. at ELTE (Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary).


Analyzed with BeStSel

Here, we compare Herceptin®, a well known breast cancer drug, and human IgG. The structure of the antibody at various temperatures was monitored by measuring the secondary structure CD spectrum from 30° to 85°C.

BeStSel offers fractional analysis of eight secondary structure elements, including three types of antiparallel β-sheet (Left-twisted, Right-twisted, Relaxed). Significant differences between Herceptin® and human-IgG in relaxed β-sheet change may reflect the formation of human IgG aggregates rather than simple denaturation as seen for Herceptin. BeStSel proves to be a powerful tool as this difference is clearly seen with the β-sheet model.

CD spectra of Herceptin® (left) and CD Spectra of Human IgG (right)
Fractions of antibody secondary structure as a function of temperature.