Evaluation of ITO Films

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Absolute Reflectance Measurement System

V-7000 Series Absolute Relfectance Measurement System
V-7000 Series Automated Absolute Reflectance Measurement System

Indium oxide doped with tin oxide (ITO), is used to make transparent conductive coatings. Thin film layers can be deposited by electron-beam evaporation or sputtering. Typical applications of ITO-coated substrates include touch panel contacts, electrodes for LCD and electrochromic displays, energy conserving architectural windows, fog resistant aircraft and automobile windows, heat-reflecting coatings to increase light bulb efficiency, gas sensors, anti-static window coatings and wear resistant layers on glass, among numerous other applications.

Absolute Reflectance Spectra of 50 nm ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) on Silicon Substrate

50 nm ITO film on silicon substrate was measured at several incidence angles by using the absolute reflectance measurement system.

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