MV-3000 Series Portable UV-Visible/NIR Spectrophotometer

The MV-3000 Modular UV-visible/NIR  spectrophotometer has several different wavelength options for varied applications. It also has different source options to match to the spectrophotometer (or has no source for applications that study luminous emissions). Fiber optics are used extensively for many different sampling options from fermentation tanks to production line or in-situ color measurement, water quality testing etc. Spectra Manager Suite has many application programs that can be used in dedicated applications such as color analysis, film thickness, quantitation and chemometrics.


  • Compact and robust
  • High-speed measurement at 5 msec
  • Maximum 1,000 consecutive spectrum measurement
  • Synchronized measurement function from an external signal
  • Bright optical system (f-number 3.5)


  •  in-situ measurement (color diagnosis, quantitative analysis)
  • Monitoring production lines (thin films, reflectance or transmittance , turbidity measurement)
  • High-speed measurement (high-speed time-course measurement, stopped flow kinetics, mapping measurement)
  • Emission measurement (light source evaluation, non-contact temperature measurement)


W.L. Range200-800 nm350-950 nm900-1600 nm
DetectorPhotodiode ArrayInGaAs Image Sensor
Number of Channels512 ch256 ch
W.L. Accuracy±0.5 nm±2 nm
W.L. Resolution5 nm10 nm
Exposure Time5 msec - 10 sec5 msec - 1 sec
Optical SystemCzerny-Turner Mount f-number = 3.5
Optical Fiber ConnectorSMA-905ф 10 mm SleeveSMA-905ф 10 mm SleeveSMA-905ф 10 mm Sleeve
Light SourceOptional - select from D2 only, Halogen only or D2 and halogen
Optional AttachmentsReflectance measurement probe, Transmittance measurement probe, 100% Correction switching mechanism, Emission measurement probe, Handy Integrating sphere etc.
OthersExternal trigger for synchronized measurement , Measurement start-button

UV-Visible Spectrophotometers

  • V-730 UV-Visible/NIR Spectrophotometer


    UV-Visible, double beam (Si photodiode), wide dynamic range 190 to 1100nm

  • V-750 UV-Visible/NIR Spectrophotometer


    UV-Visible, single monochromator (PMT), 190 to 900nm

  • V-760 UV-Visible/NIR Spectrophotometer


    UV-Visible, double monochromator (PMT), 190 to 900nm with higher absorbance

  • V-770 UV-Visible/NIR Spectrophotometer


    UV-Visible/NIR, single monochromator (PMT, PbS), wider wavelength 190 to 2700nm (3200nm as an option)

  • V-780

    Highly sensitive UV-visible/NIR, single monochromator (PMT, InGaS) 190 to 1600nm

  • MV-3000


    Modular and portable with a wavelength range 200 to 1600nm